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What is One Smile?

One Smile is a system that provides the easiest way to achieve a perfect smile. Traditional orthodontic appliances typically involve wearing uncomfortable metal braces for a long time, which can affect one's appearance. One Smile is a practical and invisible alternative to traditional methods, which achieves similar results faster and more easily.

Transparent and Invisible

One Smile aligners are made of transparent medical plastic that is gentle yet strong enough to move teeth. People around you will only notice your new smile, while the aligners remain invisible during the treatment.

Comfortable and Easy

No one will see your One Smile aligners except for you, and you will quickly become unaware of wearing them. You can remove One Smile aligners during meals or when brushing your teeth. They do not irritate your gums, create wounds or scratches, nor cause unpleasant breath.


The effects of the One Smile system are equal to or better than those that can be achieved with traditional orthodontic appliances, and significantly better than the previous generation of aligners that are currently being applied in our market. Teeth are moved in the desired direction based on a precise calculation of forces needed to be applied to them for gentle, effective, and permanent movement.

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People have always wanted healthy teeth and a beautiful smile, so various orthodontic appliances for repositioning teeth have existed for centuries. As a rule, these appliances were uncomfortable, and the results were often uncertain and temporary. There are also aligners on our market that only resemble One Smile, but actually represent the previous generation, which allowed movement in only one direction, requiring frequent impressions and prolonged therapy at a high cost. Thanks to the most modern technology, One Smile allows teeth to be moved to their final position based on just one impression. Therapy is shorter, aligners are invisible, and the results are more permanent.

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The price of the therapy is determined by the number of aligners required to achieve the desired results. The first step is taking a digital impression with a 3D scanner. The patient then receives a complete treatment plan, with an animation showing the current state and movement of teeth with each step. Patients have the option to pay for the therapy on a monthly basis in installments.

Prices range from 900 to 2300 Euros. The price is determined by the difficulty of the certain case based on the number of aligners needed.


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